A “locals” guide to the Jbay winter festival

Jbay Winter Fest

A “locals” guide to the Jbay winter festival

Jbay Winter Fest

You might want to read about the 2017 JBay Winter Fest!

The absence of the annual Billabong Pro that is held in Jeffreys Bay has left a gaping hole in our town’s event calendar.

Sporting communities and our local Municipality have come together this year to create an equally exhilarating substitute in the form of an Extreme Sporting Challenge Event, which will be held in Jeffreys Bay from   6 – 14 July 2013.

Being the first of its kind, sporting activities will include open water swimming, beach volleyball, surfing, skateboarding, a trail run and mountain biking.

The Jeffreys Bay open of Surfing will be the highlight of the event, and is loaded full of big names including Mark Occhilupo, Sean Holmes, Greg Emslie, Ryan Payne, Paul Canning, I AM WOK, Dale Staples, Frankie Oberholzer, Dave Rastovich and Warren Dean.

This thrilling event is the perfect opportunity to attract visitors from across the country to visit our “vibey” little town.

As with any visit to a different town, certain guidelines always come in handy!

What to wear

A rather big factor for any outdoorsy activity is the weather. When visiting Jbay, be sure to pack clothing that ranges from flip-flops and board shorts to beanies and boots! If you have failed to pack an adequate range of clothing, a good place to pick up a few extra items would be the Billabong surf village. Offering a wide variety of different branded surf gear such as Billabong, Quicksilver, Roxy and Rip Curl, you will certainly find whatever you’re looking for.  You could also check out windguru.cz/int/index.php?sc=68531 or magicseaweed.com/Jeffreys-Bay-Jbay-Surf-Report/88/ weather sites, to get a better idea of what’s on the cards.

Where to stay

At busy and eventful times of the year, such as this, accommodation in Jbay can get booked up quickly.

Lucky for us, there are more than enough establishments to go around.  Be sure to check out these Jbay establishments for your accommodation needs.

The Gem

The Gem in Jeffreys Bay

Marina Martinique B&B

Marina Martinique BNB

A1 Kynaston & A1 Bay View

A1 Kynaston

Guest House Saxonia

Guesthouse Saxonia

Ubuntu Backpackers Lodge

Ubuntu Backpackers

Funky Town

Funky Town

@Audre’s Self-catering and BnB

@Audre's self-catering and BnB

Mondu Guest House

Mondu Guesthouse

Where to eat

As winter comes into full swing so do our appetites! Keeping our energy levels up and our tummies happy is essential.

These are a few of Jbay’s favourite dining spots.

Where to P.A.R.T.Y

Although a small town, Jbay is widely popular for its exciting nightlife. For those with enough stamina to party the night away, most of the spots are nicely situated in the centre of town (Da Gama Road), all within walking distance to each other. Be sure to do some “hopping” to and from these spots.

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