The Bobby anti-theft backpack for paranoid travellers

No visible zipper on the Bobby backpack

The Bobby anti-theft backpack for paranoid travellers

Hidden zipper

This is the most important aspect of the backpack.

XD Design built the Bobby the wrong way around, and through doing this, they’ve made it near impossible for passersby to open the zipper of the bag.

Instead of the zipper sitting at the outer edge of the bag, they built it as close to your back as possible, along the inner-rim, causing it to be completely hidden from sight.

Not just did they position the zipper in a place where long fingers struggle to reach it, they’ve also covered it completely.

No visible zipper on the Bobby backpack
Can you see a zipper? Neither can thieves.

6 thoughts on “The Bobby anti-theft backpack for paranoid travellers

  1. I got mine, and I’m rather unimpressed. Material quality feels sub par, and the little dual stitch in the top corners is bizarre and appears feeble. The pack is also really, really small.

    Considering that it was similar in cost to some Swiss Gear backpacks on the market, I expected better.

    Then again, I paid for mine–it was not a promo copy.

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I didn’t receive a promo copy. I wrote an article based on observations. Perhaps I should have ended the article by saying that the Bobby looks like a great product.

    Have you spoken to the company? Any chance of a refund?

    • You wrote a review based on a product you didn’t have? Here are a few more details:

      – I did ask for a refund. I was told that anyone who ordered during the kickstart campaign could not receive a refund. Basically, punish the early adopters.

      – I took the backpack out exactly once. The material on the back proved to be extremely succeptible to scratched, and I picked up two. Basically, it won’t look nice for long.

  3. I did. It’s observational. If I had received a demo product I’d have made it clear in the post and used photos taken by myself. I would have also used the product to its full extent. I would have also not held back if I thought it wasn’t up to scratch.

    I’m sorry to hear that you received a raw deal Mark. Your story seems to be a prevalent one on crowdfunding websites. In fact, it’s inspired a blog post I’m currently working on.

    Thanks for the feedback. Invaluable to know that the company isn’t willing to give you a refund. Wonder if that’s standard modus operandi for companies in need of crowdfunding?

    Have you had this sort of experience with other products?

  4. You might want to update this post – i bought mine from the KS campaign, and it definitely doesn’t come with a power bank. It’s merely a USB connector that runs inside the bag to the side.

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