What? You’re Not Going To The Jeffreys Bay Winter Fest 2017?

JBay Winter Fest 2017

What? You’re Not Going To The Jeffreys Bay Winter Fest 2017?

This year’s JBay Winter Fest promises to live up to the hype the festival has garnered since its start a few years ago.

As always, the festival’s underpinned by a major surfing event, the WSL Corona Open JBay.

But, although surfing takes centre stage, the supporting acts are nothing to sneeze at. Let’s take a look at what visitors can expect in 2017.

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There are three surfing events for 2017.

JBU Supertrial Powered By Monster

JBU Super Trial powered by Monster

This event pits the best of South Africa’s surfers against each other for a wild card entry into the prestigious Corona Open JBay.

More info at jbaywinterfest.com/events-2017/jbu-supertrial.

JBay Loggers Classic 2017 Presented By Vodacom 4U

JBay Loggers Classic 2017 presented by Vodacom 4U

The JBay Loggers Classic is a true “hey shoo wa, like, chill, bru,” event, with participants sauntering into the water and gliding into waves on massive single finned wooden boards. It’s a throwback event that serves as reminder of the origin of the amazing sport of surfing.

The air is thick with hang tens, suntan oil and smiles.

Not to be missed! Visit jbaywinterfest.com/events-2017/jbay-loggers-classic-2017 for more info.

Longboards posing for a group photo
Longboards posing for a group photo.

Corona Open JBay

Famed Australian shark whisperer, Mick Fanning, chasing after a Great White during the JBay Open in 2015.
Famed Australian shark whisperer, Mick Fanning, chasing after a Great White during the JBay Open in 2015.

The highlight of the Winter Fest.

Supertubes plays host to the world’s best surfers in the form of the World Surf League Corona Open JBay.

Time will tell if current defending champ, Mick Fanning, can cling to the crown.

Visit jbaywinterfest.com/events-2017/corona-open-jbay for more info.

Cold Water Swimming

It's not that cold once you're in and can't feel your face anymore
It’s not that cold once you’re in and can’t feel your face anymore.

The Cold Water Classic is perfect for those braves who laugh in the face of ice bears. It’s a great way to adjust your body to Siberian conditions, should you wish to move there someday.

Swim a triple mile in sub 15 degree Celsius water. But don’t stress; you’re not doing it naked. You’re allowed to wear swim briefs (ladies, slightly more), goggles and a swim cap. (English Channel swimming rules.)

For the feeble there are one mile and double mile events for which you’re allowed to wear a wetsuit.

Important note: No late entries accepted, ONLY pre-entries.

Event Details

  • Event Date – 16 July 2017
  • Close of entry – 14 July 2017
  • Age restriction
    • One mile – 9 years
    • Two mile – 12 years
    • Three mile – 14 years
  • Race starting times – all swimming events start at 9:30am
  • Venue – Marina Martinique

More info at zsports.co.za/coldwaterclassic.

JBay Wind Farm MTB Classic

Cyclists trying their utmost to not look tired
Cyclists trying their utmost to not look tired.

This is a whopper. It’s grown to be one of South Africa’s favourite mountain biking events, and for good reason.

The track winds from Kabeljouws beach through miles of farm roads lined with wind turbines. A beautiful display of man meets nature.

Three Routes

Not keen on the 85 km race? No problem, put foot to the pedal in the forgiving 25 km race, or the 50 km inbetweener.

But there’s a reward for those who tackle the 85 km race. The route meanders through some of the most beautiful countryside South Africa has to offer.

Event Details

For registration info, start times, et al, visit jbaywindfarmmtbclassic.co.za.

Endurade 2017 JBay X Trail Run

Have car, will drive.

But if punishing your lower body is your thing, the Nutritech sponsored X Trail Run is for you.

This thing consists of three 20 km trail runs starting 12 hours apart.

You run a total of 60 kms.

Now, let’s do some math here…

If you’re travelling in a car at 60 km/h, you’ll be at your destination in an hour, if nothing goes wrong.

If you’re fit, you clock in with a running speed of 14 km/h.

You see where I’m going with this?

But if you prefer the punishment associated with Gumping, Gump on.

“Fun” trail run

If you don’t want to run 60 kms for no good reason, but would like to work your joints, partake in the 5km or 10 km fun trail run. They start at 9:00am & 10:00am on Sunday, 23 July.

Event Details

For more info, the schedule, route, et al, visit jbayx.co.za.

Hallucination sets in at stage three, as can be seen in this picture, with the subject under the impression that she's a bird
Hallucination sets in at stage three, as can be seen in this picture, with the subject under the impression that she’s a bird.

Fishing Skins Competition

A fisherman trying to land the big one
A fisherman trying to land the big one.

The fishing skins drew a massive crowd in 2016, due in large part to Nissan’s participation in the event.

First prize for the PSG Catch A Nissan was a Nissan NP200 bakkie. (Someone almost won it!)

The stakes are similar this year, so you’d better get your entry sorted for a chance to win a set of new wheels.

Event Details

Visit jbaywinterfest.com/events-2017/fishing-competition for more info.

Kite Festival

Go fly a kite
Go fly a kite.

The JBay Winter Fest Kite Festival adds a rainbow of colour to the event, with kites of all shapes, sizes and hues filling the sky at the Kabeljouws hub.

You may enter your kite in this event if you stick to these simple rules:

  • All kites to be made of recycled materials only.
  • Anyone can help build the kite, but only 1 entrant per kite, may enter the flying comp.
  • The kite flying entrant must be between the age of 6 -14.
  • The winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. All decisions are final.

Entry fee is a mere R40 and there are plenty of prizes up for grabs.

Info at jbaywinterfest.com/events-2017/kite-festival.

Oakley X Over Powered By Seartec / Sharp

Participants in the Oakley X Over 2016
Participants in the Oakley X Over 2016.

The Oakley X Over is a celebrity event favoured by some of South Africa’s top sportsmen. It features golfing, mountain biking and surfing.

Said Bob Skinstad, “It’s one of my favourite events of the year. It’s a great time of year to be in JBay, the town is buzzing with the JBay Open surfing, and I’m looking forward to competing in the event again.”

Visit jbaywinterfest.com/events-2017/oakley-x-over-challenge for more info.

In Conclusion

You’ll want to be in Jeffreys Bay from 12 to 23 July. There’s a lot going down and you’ll want to post #jbaywinterfest pics to your Instagram. All the cool kids do it.

It’s one big party and everyone’s invited. Come round, spend some time, spend some cash, chill and enjoy the festivities.

Visit the JBay Winter Fest website for more info.

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