Matric Rage Festival accommodation

Rage 2016 is upon us

Matric Rage Festival accommodation

The end is nigh…

The end of 2016, that is.

And that usually means fun in the sun, as another round of students finish off 12 years (or more) of slavery.

What better way to celebrate than to get as far away from the system as possible?

Cast off those fetters of flagellation; shake the shackles of serfdom; dash from the deprivation dished upon you. And so on and so on…

But don’t do it alone. That’s just stupid. Bring your friends. You need someone to help apply the sunscreen. You need someone to check the braai while you check the chicks.

You’ll also need a place to stay. For some, that’ll be in the bush or on the beach. Those with more common sense opt for something that offers protection against the elements.

Book The Spot has you sorted…

Your thoughts?