ROUTE 67 Arts Journey – Take a walk on the “Art Side”

The Donkin monument in Port Elizabeth

ROUTE 67 Arts Journey – Take a walk on the “Art Side”

Port Elizabeth is definitely stepping it up in terms of “touristy” things to do in and around the city.

For those of us who appreciate art, culture and a bit of South African History, I would recommend taking a trip down the new Route 67, a brand new tourist attraction for the city of Port Elizabeth.

Along the route, you can view 67 Public Works of Art, symbolising the 67 years of Madiba’s work, dedicated to the Freedom of South Africa.

This Route takes visitors past some of the oldest monuments, art and architecture in PE. It begins at Jetty Street, where visitors will walk past the Campanile, through Vuyisile Mini Square, past the historic City Library, up the steps of St Mary’s Terrace and on to the Donkin Reserve.

Initiatives such as this will undoubtedly improve the look and feel of the city, as well as have an impact on economic activity, thus giving the Eastern Cape tourism a well needed boost!

Read a review given by a tourist who experienced the Art walk:

“Route 67 has blown a new breath into the historic heart of the city. I have visited the Donkin Reserve just about on a weekly basis over the last couple of months, have taken TV crews, journalists and photographers and they all loved it. Took the kids to explore all the art pieces that have been installed and they loved it, especially the huge SA flag, the votong line, the lady with the chair and the taxi’s in the wall. The best view is from the top of the old lighthouse which is also well worth climbing”. (source)

Your thoughts?