How To Not Stink When You’re Travelling

Scrubba travel washing machine bag

How To Not Stink When You’re Travelling

The Scrubba keeps your washing clean,
When you’re miles away from a washing machine.
(Sing to the tune of your favourite ad jingle.)

Nobody likes a stinky traveller…

“Why are we moving away from you? Uh, it’s a custom in our country to form a ‘love circle’ around travellers on public transport.

“Why are all of us getting off at this stop? Uh, it’s where we live. Yeah, it LOOKS like there are no houses. But it’s, uh, underground housing. Built in the Second World War.”

Mmmm, perhaps a hint that you’re emitting malodorous miasma.

How to grate friends and influence people the wrong way.

But how do you curb the causticity?

An Australian company has something for you. It’s called the Scrubba.

Using the Scrubba means you won’t be stinking up other countries. You won’t double a country’s carbon tax the minute you get off the plane; people won’t form wide “love circles” around you; cab drivers won’t pay you to get out.

You’ll actually be able to meet people.

Because, let’s face it, to not make friends when you travel stinks to high heaven.

And receiving hand-outs cos people think you’re a homeless dude is gonna be fun only until you meet a girl whom you don’t want thinking you’re homeless.

Buy The Scrubba And Stink No More

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