How to make an espresso while you’re camping on Mt Everest

Simpresso portable espresso maker

How to make an espresso while you’re camping on Mt Everest

The Simpresso portable espresso maker allows you to make espresso anywhere. Just add hot water, pump and enjoy.

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This post is not for espresso purists. If you’re of the persuasion that real espresso can only be made with a Rossa PG Brass Air Espresso at an altitude of 2,343.234 metres by a barista who trained 14 years under the tutelage of a Swahili-speaking tribe living on the upper reaches of Mt Kilimanjaro, you won’t enjoy this article.

Those newfangled Nespresso machines took the world by storm. Rightfully so. They’re great for making a quick, reasonable cup of coffee.

But they’re expensive. So are the capsules used in them. And finding a blend you like can be challenging.

And you can’t take your Nespresso (Krups, et al) camping or sightseeing. It’s bulky and requires electricity. It’s not tough enough either.

You need a compact coffee maker. The AeroPress comes to mind. Great product. I use it at least once a day.

There’s also Portaspresso’s two compact espresso makers. Be prepared to fork out hundreds of dollars though. They’re also heavy.

Simposh, a company that specialises in kitchenware and cooking products, has designed what looks like an amazing compact espresso machine. It’s mechanical. No need for electricity. Seems to clean as easily as the AeroPress. It’s made from plastic, so it’s lightweight.

It’s called Simpresso.

What makes it special?

Let’s take a closer look.

Your thoughts?