Are Skinners shoe socks worth the hype?

The Skinners shoe sock has a water resistant coating around the foot region

Are Skinners shoe socks worth the hype?

How often do you pay attention to your footwear?

Have you ever pondered whether there isn’t a more comfortable shoe out there that won’t chew up your feet and leave you exhausted after a long day of exploration?

Are socks enough of an issue for you to spend time on getting a few pairs that are perfect for travel?

Surely it’s not that important?

I mean, it’s just footwear, after all.

Get a pair of cheap boots and hit the planet, right?

I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with that statement. I still like you, but I think you’re wrong.

If your footwear sucks, there’s a good chance your life will suck.

The funny thing is, you may not even know the cause of your discomfort.

I’ve had that before. Bought shoes; life sucked for a few weeks; couldn’t figure out why life sucked; finally figured out it was the shoes.

Comfortable shoes are an investment, especially if you travel often.

Skinners, a Chicago-based company, has invented a product which they reckon takes the stink out of footwear.

It’s called a shoe sock.

Now, the shoe sock is not a new invention. Other companies have produced this type of thing in the past.

But Skinners says theirs is the pinnacle of shoe sock technology. (As far as shoe sock tech goes.)

Their Kickstarter page features a video opening with an oft-quoted Leonardo da Vinci line, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” overlaid with audio from act 1 of the popular opera, Lakmé. The video features their shoe sock on a pedestal in a sparsely decorated room dotted with various pieces of art.

I was expecting the camera to pan out and zoom into a scene featuring a BMW parked next to a jewel-laden fountain situated in an immaculate estate.

It didn’t happen. The sock, apparently, is the pièce de résistance.

It all looks rather sophisticated for a mere sock. Is it justified?

Skinners received more than $90,000 for their campaign. They asked for $10K. Clearly people want this product.

I’ll be honest though: I’m a bit cynical about whether the product will live up to the hype.

Let’s take a closer look at Skinners’ product and see whether the shoe fits.

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