Are Skinners shoe socks worth the hype?

The Skinners shoe sock has a water resistant coating around the foot region

Are Skinners shoe socks worth the hype?

Skinners shoe socks provide extra protection for your toes

Skinners claims that their shoe sock provides enhanced toe protection.

That’s a bold statement to make. The question is, compared to what?

I can’t see how the shoe sock could possibly give more protection than a normal sock.

Here’s the thing: for you to hurt your toe significantly, you need to bump your foot really hard, and that, without wearing shoes.

Hurting your toe is an event; a celebration of pain, worthy of your deepest moans and groans.

It’s something many people Facebook and tweet about.

If you bump your foot really hard while wearing shoes, chances are you won’t even feel it. It’s a non-event.

Socks, no matter how high-tech, simply won’t protect you from hurting your toe when you bump it hard against something.

Even if you’re wearing the most awesome socks on the planet, you’ll still be in agony when you bump your foot really hard.

Only now, if you’re wearing Skinners shoe socks, bump your foot and complain about the pain, you sound like a snob.

“Ow! Just bumped my foot and hurt my toe while wearing these new shoe socks featuring high-tech cooling viscose thread, antibacterial yarns, a mesh ventilation zone, enhanced toe protection, a waterproof underside, an anti-abrasive double layer and adhesive- and phthalate-free compound!”

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