Are Skinners shoe socks worth the hype?

The Skinners shoe sock has a water resistant coating around the foot region

Are Skinners shoe socks worth the hype?

Where Skinners might be useful

The office. If you’re on your feet all day and you cannot stand for hours without your shoes killing you, the Skinners might come in handy. What’s nice about the Skinners is that you wear them as normal socks and simply slip off your shoes.

Surf fishing. If you’ve ever stepped on an electric ray, you’ll know it’s not a lot of fun to receive a shock from one. These might be a viable alternative to fishing booties. I’m not sure how long they’ll last though, with such heavy exposure to saltwater.

One of the backers of the project had the following to say: “My daughter is autistic and she can’t tie her shoes -we are always looking for shows [sic] without laces – slipons [sic] and Velcro are ok but these look like a perfect solution. Additionally, I got pairs for the rest of the family to use to bike and run.”

So there’s one more scenario where the Skinners shoe socks really shine. Well done, Skinners, for developing a product that could be used in this fashion. Kudos.

A few concerns

I wonder how long a pair of Skinners lasts? Are they made to last for a number of weeks, months, years?

How often do you have to wash these shoe socks? Do you wash them the same as you would a regular pair of socks?

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