Keep all of your travel necessities tidy with this handy travel chest

My Favorite Things by K. Louise travel chest

Keep all of your travel necessities tidy with this handy travel chest

You travel a lot?

Of course you do. It’s what people do.

If you do, how do you feel about liquids spilling inside your suitcase?

Or perhaps a big fat smear of lipstick on your favourite shirt?

Even better yet, a tube of toothpaste that got squashed and ended up making its way into your shoes and clothing?

Hmmm, a lovely way to round off your travels.

If you’re a sucker for punishment.

But what do you do if dealing with a mess isn’t your thing?

I mean, it’s strange to think it, but there are travellers who prefer to keep their things tidy.

I know, right? Crazy.

Kimberly Johnson reckons she can help you sort out your travel goods with a neat vanity case that’ll keep all of your important things in check.

That includes toiletries, grooming and health items.

My Favorite Things by K. Louise travel chest
My Favorite Things by K. Louise travel chest.

It’s a simple product. Doesn’t come with a built-in television and it can’t make coffee.

But it does keep your loose items organised.

The official name of the chest is My Favorite Things By K. Louise.

Personally, I’d have called it something original like The Travel Chest, but it’s not my product. I just happen to like it.

What’s to like about the chest?


I’m like a cat. I like holes and gaps. And although I can’t fit into many of these holes and gaps I so love, I still like to stuff things into them. Sometimes I stuff holes with cats.

I know, it’s weird. Don’t do it.

Kimberly’s travel chest has plenty of holes and gaps. And it’s deep enough to fit all of your small travel items.

Tight design

Things don’t fall around in Kimberly’s travel chest. Your toothpaste remains where you placed it, tightly packed on top of the Chanel No. 5.

But because the inside is made from polyethylene foam, your items don’t get squashed. Unless you try to pack your poodle too. That probably won’t work.

Probably not a good idea.
Probably not a good idea.

It’s tough

It’s made from EVA, which offers low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties and UV resistance.

In conclusion

If you struggle to keep things together when you travel, give this travel chest a look.

It’s not a scientific breakthrough and it’s as simple as it gets.

But that’s what makes it special. It’s the kind of thing that does its job so well you don’t even know it’s there.

Your thoughts?